With connected projector,it will make your presentations

more fun and interactive!

Solutions Oway Provide:


Oway Interactive Education Solutions:

Our Interactive Whiteboards transform any projection surface into touch screen, which are installed in many schools around the world. We have brought intelligent interactive experience into many classrooms not only in China , but also the worldwide, it not only maximizes the school’s education technology but also bring more fun into learning.

In the future, for the contribution of education progress, we will continue to create ultimate experience and environment around teacher, students, classrooms and teaching.


Oway Business Presentation Solutions:

Best way to make presentations for any role.

It helps sales & marketing in the Exhibitions, showrooms, learning & development in Meetings ect..

Interactive Presentations are the most powerful way to deliver your ideas at work.

Your business needs drive our interactive whiteboards for presentation. 


Oway External Touch Screen /Multi Screens Solutions

Large screen touch solution

It’s more fun for external touch screen for showing and playing.

High-precision Splicing Screen 

Multi Screens increase productivity with using multiple programs simultaneously.

Also it is easier comparison and works well with laptops and allows for flexibility


Oway Interactive Wall /Floor Games Solution:

You are an event-driven or communication agency and wish to provide an interactive, original digital solution.

Interactive Wall / Floor enables you to host company events, organise a street marketing campaign, animate an outdoor sporting event, to modernise a corporate convention, or to organise a selfie contest.


Oway Rear Projection Interactive Whiteboards and Interactive Modules:

Rear projection usually gives the best image quality due to the fact that the light from the projector goes directly into the eyes of the viewer without losing much light or contrast. With rear projection the presenter or audience can walk in front of the screen without affecting the projection.

Oway rear-projection models locate the projector behind the screen, so you won’t block the projector image. It is incredibly easy for home, school and corporate use.

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