What is a portable Interactive whiteboard

Not like traditional interactive whiteboard,portable interactive whiteboard is small in size,just like half size of phone and weight, it can transforms most flat surface – including walls and soft projector screens – into an big interactive touch screen for learning and presentations.It can be carried with you and can be used for any flat service-including existing whiteboards. The infrared pen can be used as a computer cursor or drawing / writing tool. Use with other applications for presentations or brainstorming.normally it works with computer and projector,or with computer and smart screen.

Portable Interactive Whiteboard includes basic features such as saving your work, changing the type of font, thickness and color, and controlling the mouse with a stylus. Enables you to draw, write, coordinate other applications, take notes, and more! Activate your office or classroom and engage your audience.

Compared with traditional interactive whiteboard, the cost of portable interactive whiteboard is much lower,and the shipping charge is much cheaper as well due to small size.although the price is economical, it works well as traditional interactive whiteboard.making the presentations more fun and interactive,thus enhance the experience between speaker and audience.it brought benefits to many educators and officers.


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