Best equipments for smart class,meeting & presentation!

Oway finger touch whiteboard apply to floor games

Oway portable interactive whiteboard can turn any projected surface(even the whole wall)into big touch screen,you can use your finger or the stylus to manipulate the screen freely.widely used in smart class/meeting/presentation/amusement park etc.

Oway Finger-touch whiteboard

Oway Finger touch whiteboard apply to wall games,it transfers the whole wall into big touch screen,a good device to make your indoor life more fun and exciting.

6 Benefits Oway Portable ITW Brought in the classroom

  Enhancing Student Interaction and Teacher Efficiency With Oway portable interactive whiteboards, teachers can encourage innovative, hands-on collaboration with students of all ages. This user-friendly, streamlined technology is dependable and has everything a teacher needs in one place.Oway portable Interactive whiteboards allow educators to take standard lessons and turn them into interactive activities. Kids have […]

What is a portable Interactive whiteboard

Not like traditional interactive whiteboard,portable interactive whiteboard is small in size,just like half size of phone and weight, it can transforms most flat surface – including walls and soft projector screens – into an big interactive touch screen for learning and presentations.It can be carried with you and can be used for any flat service-including […]

Interactive Whiteboards vs. Traditional Blackboards in Class

Interactive whiteboards are gradually replacing traditional blackboards and whiteboards in classrooms all across the world; the UK and Ireland are not exceptions to this trend. More teachers have dropped the chalk to teach with a mouse, stylus, and a swipe of their index finger (on touch screens). However, there are still plenty of educational establishments […]

The Growing Use of Interactive White Boards in Schools

Education is at crossroads in the United States. Teachers are struggling to connect with students using old, outdated technology. Students grew up in a smart, connected world. They have access anywhere and anytime to knowledge and digital services. Yet schools and teachers are still trying to engage them with a chalkboard. Static chalkboards and paper-based […]


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